Policy Priorities

The Alliance adopted the following policy priorities in late 2021. These priorities are the coalition’s umbrella beliefs and policy purpose, while the 2024 framework outlines what we hope to achieve or how we will engage should certain policy issues arise during 2024. These policy priorities and framework will guide the Alliance’s advocacy through 2024 and into the future.


Support the success of existing northern Michigan businesses.

Action: Proactively anticipate and address the needs of the existing business community.

Focus Areas: Competitive tax environment, regulatory issues, industry-specific legislation


Develop and attract a talented workforce in northern Michigan.

Action: Policies that make northern Michigan an attractive location for talent.

Focus Areas: Housing; child care; education; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; relocation incentives; talent pipeline; parks and natural areas


Maximize the competitiveness of the rural northern Michigan business environment.

Focus Areas: Broadband expansion, Public Act 51, Pure Michigan, high water, affordable energy production, energy distribution in northern Michigan, quality rural healthcare, an efficient supply chain, and Michigan Economic Development Corporation equity policies for northern Michigan



  • Streamline business and employee licensing process
  • Support communities in adopting diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices
  • Assessment parity for hotels and short-term rentals for investment in community development
  • Increase workforce participation at all levels by helping employers implement best practices for retaining talent
  • Advocate for continued funding for child care provider support networks
  • Support increased funding for Pure Michigan, Going Pro and Michigan Reconnect
  • Strengthen relationships with state departments, especially MSHDA, MEDC, MDHHS, LARA, LEO


  • Effective utilization of federal infrastructure dollars for broadband
  • Explore telehealth expansion opportunities, rural healthcare employee student loan assistance
  • Spend ARPA/Infrastructure dollars strategically to develop rural communities
  • Embrace immigration policies that attract skilled new Americans to northern Michigan
  • Support broadband equipment tax exemption


  • Support auto industry incentives to make Michigan a top competitor in the EV industry
  • Improve overall business tax climate
  • Financial economic incentives for rural communities
  • Expand investment in public transportation services to assist hospitality and food service industry workers
  • Support sensible energy policy to keep rates low
  • Support policy to grow Michigan’s population through talent and business attraction