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100th House District
Rep. Tom Kunse
R – Clare

Ethics and Oversight (Min. VC); Labor; Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure

101st House District
Rep. Joseph Fox
R – Newaygo

Families, Children and Seniors

102nd House District
Rep. Curt VanderWall
R – Ludington

Health Policy (Min. VC); Higher Education; Agriculture

103rd House District
Rep. Betsy Coffia
D – Traverse City

Families, Children and Seniors (Maj. VC); Health Policy; Economic Development and Small Business; Agriculture; Higher Education

104th House District
Rep. John Roth
R – Interlochen

Agriculture; Economic Development and Small Business; Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure; Health Policy

105th House District
Rep. Ken Borton
R – Gaylord

Appropriations; Agriculture and Natural Resources (Min. VC), Transportation, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Insurance and Financial Services

106th House District
Rep. Cam Cavitt
R – Cheboygan

Appropriations; Military and Veterans Affairs (Min. VC), State Police, Environment, Great Lakes and Energy

107th House District
Rep. Neil Friske
R – Charlevoix
108th House District
Rep. David Prestin
R – Cedar River

Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation; Energy, Communications and Technology; Local Government and Municipal Finance

109th House District
Rep. Jenn Hill
D – Marquette

Tourism and Outdoor Recreation (Maj. VC); Energy, Communications and Technology; Higher Education; Local Government and Municipal Finance; Natural Resources, Environment

110th House District
Rep. Greg Markkanen
R – Hancock

Military, Veterans and Homeland Security (Min. VC); Insurance and Financial Services; Tax Policy; Education

32nd Senate District
Jon Bumstead
R – North Muskegon

Senate Fiscal Agency Board of Governors; Transportation and Infrastructure; Appropriations (Min. VC) –  Appropriations Subcommittees: Agriculture and Natural Resources (Min. VC); Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (Min. VC); LEO/MEDC; Transportation 

36th Senate District
Sen. Michele Hoitenga
R -Manton

Local Government (Min. VC); Housing and Human Services, Natural Resources and Agriculture

37th Senate District
Sen. John Damoose
R – Harbor Springs

Education; Energy and Environment; Housing and Human Services; Appropriations, Education (Min. VC); Appropriations Subcommittees: Transportation (Min. VC); Universities and Community Colleges

38th Senate District
Ed McBroom
R – Vulcan

Oversight (Min. VC); Elections and Ethics; Transportation and Infrastructure